What Are The Causes Of The Louisiana Purchase

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The Louisiana Purchase was originally a part of New France the region has exchanged many times. In 1800s, the region was ruled by Spain but was also the home of many American merchants and even farmers. New Orleans was a key port to the region and was also important in taking role or the outlet of American farming goods produced by farms in Ohio River Valley. President Thomas Jefferson sent Robert Livingston and James Monroe to France to inquire about purchase of New Orleans for the United States in order to secure a permanent port on the Mississippi River. Napoleon found an opportunity to finance on-going conflicts in Europe and to keep away the British from expanding in North America, so they agreed to sell the United States the entire region for $15 million, doubling the size of the United States.…show more content…
Americans were still often caught in the middle as British and French naval forces seized American ships and crews. On June 1812 President James Madison asked for a declaration of war from Congress, and also cited four reasons for America’s first war. Even though the war was a military disaster for the United States, they still lost no territory to the British and America’s army and navy gained respect because they had to stand up to Europe’s most powerful nation. The War of 1812 also served to stimulate America’s economic growth, and was the end of all U.S. military hostility with Great
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