What Are The Causes Of World War 1 Essay

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The causes of World War I The many different causes of World War 1 were quite brief with excruciating fatalities. There were many innocent people who were just living a regular life didn’t know what was about to hit them. People like to say that there were five different causes of World war 1. Those causes were nationalism, imperialism, militarism, alliancism, and assassination. There were a variety of different wars between the British, Europe, United States, etc. Peace and liberty during this time of war was not an option. World war 1 changed the world we live in today and will forever be one of the deadliest, most fierce wars in all of history. Nationalism was a big role in the many different causes of World War 1. In the year of 1914 Europe had gone to war. It was a brutal was that lasted four long, terrible years, that took the…show more content…
In the late 19th century “The European leaders believed that by creating a balance of power they could prevent such horror. This idea was that if all the counties had balanced strengths that nobody could dominate the rest. There was a wide-spread of wars due to the sharing of the boarders. The triple alliance was fought in France and in Russia. It was the war that started all the Alliances. The European Alliances caused a big outbreak of countless events such as the war between the borders and the balance of power. Imperialism was a big contribution to World War 1. The amount of land that Britain and France owned caused a rivalry with Germany. This later on had to do with the controlling portions of Africa. “In the late 1800’s tension had arisen during the battle for Africa, when the other countries such as France, Germany, and Britain had secured the remaining of the continent.” During this time imperialism was also a part of nationalism course. Imperialism Started many wars and was the cause of the of numerous different wars, such as France and

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