What Are The Causes Of World War I Essay

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World War I had many reasons to why it occurred; yet there are four most important range causes of World War I. It was believed to bring glory and peace to all countries, but they thought. With the end of World War I, many things had changed including innovation. Imperialism, economic rivalry, military, and nationalism were the four long causes; the immediate cause was the assassination, furthermore the automatic Machine Gun, tank, submarine, airplane, poison gas and mask where innovated, however all of this could of been avoided if the assassination had not occurred, and Germany had not start stuff.
Otto Von Bismarck believed that those lands that were linked in some way to Germany, like if they had German speaking people, that they should
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They felt that they were greater than anything else, they were like, “ Look at me! Look at me! Spot light over here please” but they, “ Saw Britain as denying the new German Empire its legitimate “place in the sun” of worldwide colonial expansion” (Esler 36). Germany though that Britain was not giving them the attention they wanted, that they had not realized that Germany was doing better and had overthrown Britain, which sounds like a jealous ex-girlfriend. Aside from that they felt proud because they had a strong army after the Franco-Prussian War, they felt invincible. But what really lead to the World War I was the homicide of a Habsburg prince at Sarajevo in 1914.
World War I was indeed an industrial war because automatic Machine Gun, tank, submarine, airplane, poison gas and mask where innovated. The automatic gun was more easy to use and faster because it had a higher fire rate making it possible for soldiers to move, fight, and defend. The tank was also another improvement used to defend troops and destroy enemy barricades. Submarines were a big advancement for Germany because they could destroy the ships of the Allies and this brought the U.S. to join the Allies. Lastly, the airplanes were renovated to fight in WWI for the use of shooting or

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