What Are The Challenges Franklin Roosevelt Faced Before Entering Office

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---Describe the challenges faced by Franklin Roosevelt upon entering office in 1933. There were many challenges faced by Franklin Roosevelt upon entering office in 1933. A primary challenge was The Banking Crisis. In March 1933, the use of the bank had been suspended. People could not gain access to their bank accounts. Roosevelt then declared a “bank holiday,” which was a temporary halting to all the bank operations, and Roosevelt then called Congress into special session to talk about the problem regarding the Banking Crisis. On March 9, Roosevelt had passed the Emergency Banking Act, which provided funds to help the threatened institutions. An act was established called the National Recovery Administration (NRA) which would work with groups of business leaders to establish industry codes that set standards for output, prices and working conditions. Which was a way organized to help out and get rid of the crisis. While Roosevelt was in office he spoke…show more content…
And for people to have faith in him did mean something for him to become president. Roosevelt knew what he was going in for when he ran for president during the economic crisis. And Roosevelt as a President did bring many changes to the country. With the New Deal I would say that there was an economic change because even though the Great Depression did not end the improvement of the economy did rise up. Many people had gotten job even though some struggled at the rate of 20 percent of the people still looking for jobs and were unemployed Roosevelt did help as much as he can to get the economy back on its feet. Roosevelts success in ending the Bank Crisis showed hope to the nation by looking up to him as a president. He as a President showed many examples of being a successful president in no
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