What Are The Challenges Of Achieving The American Dream

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Challenges create opportunities for one to discover their passions. My parents’ ideal for my obtaining the American dream was not as easily achieved as one would hope. I faced many obstacles on my journey which molded me into the person that I am today; a reliable, responsible and ultimately compassionate individual. Still, the journey was not traversed, without its difficulties. One such difficulty stands out as milestone in my development. A language barrier for my father and my mother’s demanding career required me to assist my legally blind grandfather. I was responsible for with his well being, allowing me top be challenged emotionally and psychologically. Watching him regress, provoked feelings of anxiety and yet, allowed me to break beyond my shell. Through these difficulties, I carried a responsibility that…show more content…
One night after receiving bad news about Gido’s failing health I laid in my bed staring at the ceiling trying to hold back the tears and control my emotions. I closed my eyes fighting back the negative thoughts that were beginning to fill my mind. With each passing day I had a greater sense of appreciation for the elderly and my desire to help my grandfather grew stronger with each challenge. That sense of caring for others soon spilled over into other relationships as I discovered that this was a hidden passion that had been unleashed. Overall, the challenges I faced while taking care of my grandfather, my “Gido”, helped me to discover a very crucial part of who I am. I not only realized that I have a passion for helping my family and others, I realized I could persevere and strive for the better in life. I realized I could become a stronger and more powerful “me”. I could unleash my untapped potential and truly appreciate that which was meant to be

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