What Are The Characteristics Of Odysseus Being Admirable

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What positive trait does it takes to make someone admirable? A wise man once stated
“you’re only admirable if someone desires to follow in your footsteps”. Odysseus is a character in the epic poem The Odyssey, written by a well-known author name Homer. The poem shows how Odysseus makes it home and how he handles certain situations. Odysseus has positive characteristic traits; and is strategic, brave, and loyal these characteristics make him admirable throughout his journey home to Ithaca.
Odysseus was strategic, the reason being is that he carefully planned to serve a particular purpose in this case this case getting away from Polyphemus the cyclops. “ Then slung a man under each middle one to ride there safely, shielded left and right so the three sheep could convey each man, (pg. 993 lines 380-383) the author wrote, offering justification for his action. The quote proves that Odysseus figures out that if he ties his men to the underside of his sheep then blinds and distract Cyclops he would not realize they're escaping. By him showing strategicness his plan got him and his men to escape from the Cyclops.
However he was also Brave. Facing the Cyclops he didn't show any fear knowing the
Cyclops could have killed him at any moment, he could have just picking him up and eating him like the rest of his men. He had
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Someone out in the word right now is probably looking at Odysseus story and is maybe trying to apply his characteristics to their everyday life. Watch how you treat people you will never know if someone is looking at you in the eyes of disgust or in the eyes or awe. Yes, he had bad times but we all do when you're put under pressure you don't always make good decisions. He kept it together and didn't let anger get the best of him. Everyone's not perfect but there's always someone watching you and there waiting for you to be great and having a desire to follow in your
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