What Are The Consequences Of Drug Abuse Essay

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Everyone has choices to make in life and there are consequences for the choices we make. At some point in their lives kids will have to decide if they want to try drugs such as marijuana and alcohol or if they will have the courage to just say no. Drugs and alcohol are addicting and kids need to think twice before they decide to try drugs and alcohol. Abusing drugs and alcohol can have lifelong consequences (that could ruin a kids life forever.) This paper will show the history of drugs and the effects of abusing drugs and alcohol. Hopefully this paper will help kids make the choice to stay away from drugs and alcohol so they can be successful in life and not ruin their life over drug and alcohol abuse. Drug abuse has been around through…show more content…
In fact using marijuana, drugs and alcohol are not cool and should be looked down upon by anyone’s friends and not encouraged. There are so many disadvantages to using drugs such as marijuana and alcohol. One of the biggest disadvantages such as like smoking cigarettes, smoking marijuana can cause cancer. If you smoke marijuana you can get cancer because of the chemicals that are in marijuana. There are many different parts of your body that could become cancerous from smoking marijuana. For example, you could get cancer in your lungs, cancer in your throat and cancer in your neck. In addition, to marijuana there are other drugs that are a concern for young children that use…show more content…
Even if your a kid you can go to juvenile detention to be punished. Some of the punishments for abusing drugs and alcohol could lead up to years in prison and even a lifetime in prison. Abusing drugs and alcohol could lead to criminal activity as well. People who abuse drugs and alcohol may steal things so they can buy drugs or alcohol. People who abuse drugs and alcohol can kill people over drugs and alcohol. For example, someone may harm someone to get the drugs they have. Someone could be driving a car after abusing drugs and alcohol and could kill someone in a car

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