What Are The Consequences Of The Balfour Declaration Dbq

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The Balfour Declaration and its overall impact on Jewish and Arab relations in the Middle East was very disastrous. The motives that influenced the creation of the Balfour Declaration by the British government in 1917 hurt the Palestinians. Due to the interest of the British government in Zionism and its goals, the British sought out the opportunity to take control and manipulate the Jewish population in order to secure a strategic advantage. The introduction of a Jewish homeland served various British domestic and foreign policy goals. In this paper I will argue that the immediate consequences of the Balfour Declaration resulted in the mass emigration of Jews who occupied and exiled the Palestinian people from their own land, laid the foundation for Jewish and Arab unrest, and further helped Zionism gain mass acceptance from Jews all around the world. The British government in introducing the Balfour Declaration broke promises that were made to their Arab allies, and disrupted the rights of Palestinian by authorizing the invasion of Zionists into Palestine.

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The British had their own interests that would be accomplished if they supported Zionism and their desire to establish their own state. The invasion of Palestine by the Zionists was disruptive for Middle East relations. Some of the directs complications of the Balfour Declaration were the mass emigration of Zionists who invaded and kicked out the Palestinian people from their own land, the foundation for Jewish-Arab conflict, and Zionism gaining mass acceptance and support thanks to Britain. The Balfour Declaration resulted in the creation of Israel, which used violent and forceful antics to displace the Arab population from their own homes in Palestine. The Balfour Declaration led to consequences that still exist even in modern time, signifying its importance in the history of the Middle
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