What Are The Differences Between Snow White And The Grimm Brothers

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There are two tales to the story Snow White, the popular one is the happy child’s version, and the lesser know one, said to be the original, the Grimm brothers take on Snow White. In both stories that have a happy ending, but how they get there is differs in may ways. The Grimm brothers had a darker take on this story, they said that Snow White killed her stepmother and was not woken up by true loves kiss. Where in the other story the kiss woke her up and her stepmother was taken out my mother nature. Snow White, a story known by almost everyone, but what most people son’t know that there is an original that isn 't the ideal fair tail. The evil stepmother, she had to be the fairest in all the land, and would do anything to be that way.Among the stepmothers possessions, in both stories, was a magic mirror that told her if she was the fairest in all the land, but when it said Snow White she wanted her killed. She sent out the huntsman to kill her and bring back her heart and lungs. This is where the story starts to vary one says she kept them locked in a box, while the other says she ate them. When the stepmother found out she was alive, she took it upon herself to kill Snow White. In the end it is the queen who dies, but this is where the stories don’t match up at all. One story says that she 's standing on a mountain that was such by lightning, while the other says that she was forced to were hot iron shoes and dance until she died ant Snow White 's wedding. Both of these
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