What Are The Disadvantages Of Cinderella

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A similar story occurs in Cinderella (1950), in which a young and beautiful servant girl is kept alienated and in servitude to her evil step mother and step sisters who are jealous of her beauty. Cinderella is an example of a woman who scrubs and cooks and is dependent on finding her Prince Charming who would come and sweep her off her feet, and save her from this slave like lifestyle like many of the female protagonists in Disney films. Cinderella dreams of a better life with her Prince Charming, a notion that if you wish hard, it will come true. The opening song, “The Dream is a wish your heart makes”, sums this up fully, suggesting to “have faith in your dream” because some day they will come true. [4] Although in the movies they come true it still projects a woman‟s naivety and day dreaming nature, emphasizing their weaknesses as a woman. In the Disney version of fairytales females emerge as passive, inactive and totally without any mobility. In course of time Cinderella is rescued by her prince; she meets her soul mate and lives with the man. Many girls on seeing Disney version of Cinderella develops Cinderella complex, which has unconscious desires to be dependent on others, usually men. Disney movies might have strong influence. VI Mulan (1998) is based on a Chinese myth about a woman who saves China from
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