What Are The Disadvantages Of Freedom Of Speech

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The Freedom of speech is characterized as the privilege of individuals to express their feelings openly without legislative obstruction, subject to the laws against slander, instigation to brutality or insubordination.

In the group 's 2015 World Press Freedom Index, Singapore is positioned 153rd out of 180 nations in the world. A Recent occasion, depiction of the prophet Muhammad brings about Charlie Hebdo shootings. The two shooters who launched the assault on the magazine 's workplaces which executed five of France 's top cartoonist, saying that they needed to retaliate for the prophet for Charlie Hebdo 's parody of him. After this slaughter set off a worldwide debate on the right to speak freely.

Singapore being a multi-racial nation
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In conclusion. By Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of freedom of speech include significant points. Although allowing freedom of speech may bring upon understandings between different ethnic groups and enhanced productivity. The disadvantages, however, have shown more of problematic issues and it seems the disadvantages can create more problems and complicate the issue to the society. Therefore, I think Singaporeans should not be allowed to speak as they wish on race and religion in the public. Nevertheless Singapore is still able to prosper and become one of the world best country despite being ranked 153 based on freedom index The restriction of freedoms of speech in all aspects are to be monitored closely and should not be overlooked. For instance the sedition act aims to retain political stability and racial harmony. Control of the media like newspaper, radio etc. are closely linked to the government for better control over contents. Internet censorship banned a lot website that may lead to ISIS recruitment or contents that are targeted to a particular race group which may cause riot or misunderstanding. As long as Singapore remains as a multi-ethnic society, restricting the freedom of speech is beneficial to the society in the long

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