What Are The Disadvantages Of Globalization

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Nowadays, globalization play a very significant role on our lives. The world has been affected by globalization. What is the meaning of globalization exactly? According to Macmillan Dictionary, “the idea that the world is developing a single economy and culture as a result of improved technology and communications and the influence of very large multinational companies.” Many people believe that globalization has advantage for people’s lives. However, when we compare advantages and disadvantages of globalization, there are more disadvantages. In other words, people face a lot of problems because of the globalization. In addition, people do not have any information about negative effects of globalization. I totally agree that globalization has many disadvantages. There are two considerable problems of globalization which are relevant to create environmental problems and social problems. First of all, environmental problems are a significant reason of globalization as, environment is damaged by globalization. The first environmental problem is global warming since, there are many products which give damage to world. For instance, perfumes are very dangerous for global warming. It increases rates of global warming. In addition,…show more content…
It can bring some advantages such as economical and educational benefits. According to Gang (1999), the globalization only accelerates the process. Two economic principles adopted by the central government will efficiently develop the situation or at least inhibit it from worsening. Therefore, globalization can gives some economic benefits for developed countries. In addition, globalization provides educational advantages. For example, Japanese read book very much. However, Turkish people do not read book very much because, Japan is a developed country but Turkey is developing country. So, globalization have some advantages for developed
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