What Are The External Factors Of Nokia

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Introduction Nokia Corporation is a computer software, internet and telecommunication firm in the telecommunication industry that is specialized in manufacturing mobile devices and joining communication and internet industries. The current Nokia corporation’s headquarter is situated in Keilaniemi in Finland. Originally, Nokia Corporation began as a wood pulp mill which basically manufactured paper in Southern Finland. This manufacturing activity was initiated by Fredrik Idestam around 1865 during the European industrialization. In 1895, Nokia Corporation under the leadership of Gustaf attracted other associate companies around it including the Finnish Rubber Works, Finnish Cable Works and the Finnish hydro-electricity firm. However, the attracted associate companies were merged in 1967 to form the popular Nokia Group, which became a telecommunication giant of all times. In the context of being a giant telecommunication company, it strived to develop products and services that could ultimately satisfy consumers’ need. Its telecommunication products and services to date include: digital televisions, radios, cell phones, satellite carriers and a variety of networking services. Ultimately, the telecommunication firm faces a number of challenges in the course of the provision of its products and services due to various internal and external factors. External Factors Economic factor Nokia Corporation’s financial data for the 2010 fiscal year shows that the telecommunication
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