What Are The External Forces Of Mcdonalds

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The environment of the global market is a very fierce challenge for the companies of the world. In a world of growing changes in technology, and social media, and branding of companies making the company global is one of the hardest tasks that a company can be faced with. For this assignment, I will be using McDonalds, not only because they are a great company, moreover because they seem to have mastered the art of globalization and I believe that is why they have had such great success as a company. McDonald 's was founded in the year 1940 in San Bernardino California. Obviously, at this time it was nowhere near the global powerhouse that it is today. Mcdonald’s is located in over one hundred countries worldwide with over thirty six thousand restaurants worldwide. Those numbers are just staggering. The internal forces of Mcdonald’s have changed over the years, but because of the strong leadership inside the organization Mcdonalds had success with all internal forces. I believe one of the best things for Mcdonalds as a company was the internal forces of Mcdonalds seeing the value of becoming an international company early, and because of the early entry into the global marketplace Mcdonalds was able to really establish a global footprint and master the art of geographic segmentation before most of their competitors could even see the value of the global marketplace and becoming a worldwide company. External Forces are in my opinion the most important for the Mcdonald 's
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