What Are The Factors That Cause The American Revolution

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Historians point to a number of reasons that caused the American Revolution, but I believe the two most important things that affected the colonies was the French and Indian War along with the British policy changes that they had made after the Seven-Year War. The French and British had, had a long history of not getting along. When the French tried to take over more land towards the Ohio River Valley, the British decided it was time to declare war. It could be known as the first “World War” because it took place not only in the Americas but also a lot of Europe. The French put up quite the fight. At first, they defeated George Washington along with other generals and militias. The British troops weren’t getting much support from back home but they continued to fight for land. They also weren’t very successful at first because the colonies couldn’t get along and the French were gaining support from the Native Americans.…show more content…
The British started borrowing lots of money to finance the war. They paid Persia to fight in Europe and they repaid the colonies for the money that had been lost by raising troops in the Americas. The British started making their mark by the victory of Louisbourg. They continued to dominate and concentrated on seizing French and Spanish territories in other parts of the world. They won battles in Europe, the Caribbean, and India. King Henry III, along with others were in favor of the treaty but it was unpopular in with the British public. However, it still passed. The Treaty of Paris concluded the Seven-Year War. The French decided they were done fighting and gave up all the land in the Americas, ultimately letting Britain take that land into their
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