What Are The Factors That Influence Semantic Development

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1. Discuss some of the factors that influence semantic development. For each, specify how a specific factor might affect a child’s semantic development. The factors that influence semantic development include gender, language impairment and language exposure. It has been found that girls know more words and have a larger vocabulary than boys particularly in the first five years of life. From a biological standpoint, the area of language development in the brain works at a faster rate in girls, and from a social standpoint there is less interaction with boys than girls in the home and at school. Children with disorders related to language learn new words at slower rate than those with no such issues. The exposure a child has to language in their environment affects their semantic development based on the premise that children from higher income families have more conversations and parent-child interactions resulting in an expanded vocabulary than children from lower income families. 2. Discuss specific ways in which one’s morphology may be influenced by the dialect one is speaking. A person 's morphology is based on the way they form their words. Dialect has an influence a person 's grammar and vocabulary which are key outcomes of morphological development. Morphological variations are seen in dialects of one language. In English, one 's dialect 3. Discuss the relationship between poverty and the early vocabulary-achievement gap as evident in research on lower-income
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