Standardization Of English Language Essay

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For centuries, English was not the official language in England. Its history with the Normans and the long period of French Kings' royalty in the country never helped the development of their own language. Through the centuries, many English thinkers promoted the importance of the English over the prestigious French and Latin, to make it become their National language, and a real part of their culture. How did the English language develop in England, and how did it become the main official language? Moreover, what are the processes of standardisation from the 12th century until the prescriptivist movement of the 18th century?
In this discussion, the standardisation will be defined and the roles of printing and school education will be considered.

The prescriptivism is the changes from a language to another by the making of rules of incorrect linguistic mistakes. It is different from the descriptivism which advices rather than prescribes. According to Baugh & Cable (1997), a standard language is defined as a taught language which provides “agreed norms of usage”, and that needs to be learnt whatever people's pronunciation. It is usually codified for a range of institutional
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Called “Black Death”, it caused mortality of about 30% of the population in 1349. Thus, the lower classes suffered more than the upper ones, and a shortage of labour was rapidly noticed. To increase the labouring class and the economy of the country, men were working together and often spoke different English dialects, only language they knew. This mixing of the English dialect and the change of social order benefited the English language and its development. Therefore, in the early 1360's, the oral communication was made in English and in 1362, the parliament decreed that “all legal proceedings had to be carried on in English” because most of the population could not understand
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