What Are The Factors That Lead Up To The Revolutionary War Inevitable

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The lead up to the Revolutionary War was inevitable. With heavy militarization in the Colonies, heavy economic strains placed on the colonists and Britain denying their right for representation, these factors are what lead the Americans to risk their lives and fortunes for their freedom. In my opinion the heavy economic strains played the most significant role in the American’s decision to declare their independence. A rebellion was stirring in the American colonies. King George III was aware of the state of his territories and the actions of his colonists, making him extremely nervous. The Americans had been taking bribes from the French in the Seven Years’ War. This infuriated King George and left him feeling betrayed, resulting in him passing the Proclamation of 1763. The Proclamation stated that no colonist was permitted to settle land west of the Appellation Mountains, to the dismay of the colonist. To make sure that the Proclamation was being…show more content…
They collectively boycotted British made goods and protested the Kings’ Acts. King George had been monitoring the rising rebellion over the years. Trying to avoid setting off a full blown rebellion he lowered the taxes, but still refused to completely eradicate them. He refused to give the colonists representation in the Parliament as well, taking away any chance they could stand up and protect themselves from the government. The colonists were enraged with the British government; “No taxation without representation!” was the new slogan and driving force for the Revolution, even further uniting the colonists together. In conclusion the Revolution was inevitable. Colonists had had years of bitter feelings towards Britain to fuel their fight for freedom. After years of being taxed so heavily, they were broke and being left with no voice for representation, they were tired. Declaring independence and fighting for their freedom was the last resort to gain their humanity
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