What Are The Foil Characters In Fahrenheit 451

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In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, there are two characters called Mildred and Clarisse who contrast substantially. Both females serve as foils to the other during the story and thus symbolize what is seen as “normal” and “abnormal” in this dystopian society. Mildred represents the normal and social parts of society, whereas Clarisse portrays a more abnormal and antisocial portion of society.
Mildred is married to Montag and today would be marked as someone who is addicted to the usage of screens. Every day she has the same routine: Wake up, eat a bit of something, and then go straight to watching screens. In this society, it is seen as completely normal behavior and no one bats an eyelash. Montag and Mildred share no true love with each other and hardly ever communicate at all. This can be seen in today’s society as well. With new technology being released every day it’s a challenge for people to remove themselves from the virtual world and step into reality. It can be easily seen at restaurants when there are families sitting around for dinner and instead of
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She enjoys nature and talking with other people. Instead of shying away from human interactions she embraces it and inspires other people. When Montag meets Clarisse he is dumbfounded by her glistening personality and enjoys conversing with her. The way she thought and believed in things caused for Montag’s outlook on life itself to transition effectively. Her goal was not to teach Montag, but she indirectly ended up doing so anyway. Although today, there is still an astonishing amount of reclusive individuals who steer away from social interaction, there are still of course a plethora of people who also cherish human connection, so Clarisse would certainly fit in with the pack better today than in her own time. She can be thought of as a light, shining in the pitch black of Fahrenheit 451’s
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