What Are The Four Major Regions Of Texas

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Texas, also known as the Lone Star State has four major regions. Its vast land contains Mountains and Basins, Great Plains, North Central Plains, and Coastal Plains regions. These four regions are rich in historical, political, and cultural points of interest. This shaped Texas to what it is today.
Mountains and Basins- The Mountains and Basins are the driest and windiest region in Texas. This region is located throughout west Texas and is mostly desert. The vegetation that can possibly thrive in this remote area are mesquite trees, mesquite grass, cacti, and desert brush. The climate is very dry and hot, and the unbearable temperatures of 120 degrees. If there is any rain it would just be 8-10 inches of rain per year. The area has scorching summers and breezy and
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Some significant cities in this region include El Paso and Fort Stockton. During the 19th century El Paso was established as a Texas City on March, 1850. While Fort Stockton was originally founded nine years later on January 17, 1859 by the U.S Army. The Rio Grande and Pecos are two rivers that flow through the Mountains and Basins region The Rio Grande starts at the San Mountains in Colorado and flows out into the Gulf of Mexico as it is the border between Texas and Mexico. The Pecos river flows on the east edge of the Mountains and Basins region separating it from the other regions. The Big Bend National Park is a well known and exciting natural landmark for tourists or locals. It is located far west of Texas and south of El Paso. Today, Fort Davis is a national historic site. It was a key post in the defense system of western Texas. Troops stationed at the post and protected emigrants,

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