What Are The Four Types Of Dictatorship

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If the rules are made to be broken, then the definitions and types are made to be mixed and to create new ones. According to Ronald A. Heifetz “leadership is what individuals do in mobilizing other people in organizations or communities to do what he called adaptive work”. (Ronald A. Heifetz, 1994) There are four main types of leadership: Authoritative, Consultative, Dictatorship, and Participative leadership. Authoritative leaders provide their clear expectations, what needs to be done and how. Consultative style is focused on the final result by using the skills of others. A dictator is a person exercising absolute power, especially a ruler who has an absolute, unrestricted control in a government, whereas participative leader involves the whole members of the group to identify the goals and to work for a desired result. Therefore participative leadership and dictatorship are two styles which are completely differ from each other. However, society sometimes mix them. For instance, great leader and president of Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is considered to be both dictator and participative leader. One part of society thinks that his style of leadership is dictatorship because of his manner of ruling, however the other part believes that he is a participative leader as he is elected in a democratic way. (Jeremy Kinsman, 2013) What if there is a mixed leadership styles which are not created yet? This essay attempt to create a new “hidden” type of
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