What Are The Four Types Of Elections In Texas

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Types of elections in Texas
The state of Texas has a constitution and a political culture that creates an electoral system which invites all the Texans to choose leaders of their own. There are four different types of elections in Texas namely;
• Primary election
• Runoff election
• General election
• Special election
Primary election
This type of elections is normally held on the second Tuesday in March during years that are evenly numbered. The two major parties, Democratic and Republic choose their own candidates who would represent them in the primary election. Individuals from each party vie against other members from the same party. The winner will then be allowed to represent the party and vie against other representative from the opposing party in the general election. According to Hershey et al., (2017), in the primary
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Unlike to the primary election, a candidate does not have to win the majority or 50% of the votes during general elections for him to be declared as a winner. He only has to receive more votes than his opponent thus there is no runoff after general election. The county governments are the one responsible in conducting general election. The tax offices of the country governments are responsible in accepting the applications for voters’ registration, maintains voters ' registration list, issues voter certificates and submit required reports to the secretary of the state (Kropf & Kimball, 2013).
Special election
This is the fourth type of election in Texas. Special election can also be called; vote on constitutional amendments, vote on a local option issue and fill a vacancy in a state legislative office. This election can be held during any year but on some specific dates like the first Tuesday in November or the second Saturday in May. In case an emergency warrants holdings before the appropriate date reaches, it can be held earlier (Abramowitz, & Webster,
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