What Are The Harmful Effects Of Tobacco Essay

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Tobacco and all the products in which tobacco is used are very harmful for any kind of human bodily intake such as smoking, plugging in the mouth or any other mean. Cigarette for example is the most used item by humans, which is many times more than any other tobacco product. My essay is mainly based on cigarette smoking as it has come to everyone's concern in today's world. Cigarette smoking has thousands of bad effects on a human's body such as different kinds of cancers like mouth cancer, blood cancer, lung cancer and parts of body, it causes other different chronic health diseases. Even though it is written on all the packs of every tobacco product that, it is harmful and causes all kind of diseases and cancers in one's body. The topic I chose tells about how tobacco can destroy an individual's life and cause to have side effects which are innumerous and also how it has…show more content…
The dangerous impact of nicotine with respect to the morphological changes in the adrenal cortex is as yet not entrenched. So, staying away from the cigarettes is the best option because it has the most amount of nicotine present. Smoking is notorious for causing avoidable diseases and deaths, and yet not many institutions have developed an appropriate system to prevent cigarette and tobacco from killing millions each year. People are dying, thousands are getting hooked, and a whole population is being affected, hence it 's urgent that a university aims to educate students to combat smoking. So always say no to smoking because you never know when you get addicted and also ask others to abstain from this

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