What Are The Heroic Qualities In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey by Homer translated by Robert Fitzgerald. Odysseus the hero, he made it through alive. Odysseus left his wife and newly born son at home so he could go fight the battle of Troy. For his return home he faces many trouble to get home and be with his wife and son. Many years pass and many think he is dead so suitor to marry his wife. For the end he is the hero and a different man for his family. You will see his heroic qualities; bravery, intelligence and loyalty.

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One of heroic qualities was bravery. He showed this when he left home to go fight the trojan war. During the trojan war he hid in a giant over sized wooden horse where he willing went straight towards the danger. Later him and his men went in for the kill and fought for 10 years. He also showed bravery while he face face to face with the cyclops. He protected his men before himself by make sure the cyclop would not interfere with their journey home. When they needed to find out a way home odysseus went to the underworld.

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Another one of Odysseus's heroic qualities is his intelligence. During the Trojan war he comes up with eh idea to build a huge wooden horse and to hide in it so they could offer it as an offering. While him and his men were with the cyclops he offered him
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One of his weaknesses showed while he was selfishness. Odysseus did not tell his men of the last prophecy. This was while they were going through the Sirens; Scylla and Charybdis. The sirens make this noise that draws men away and kill them. The Scylla is a 6 headed monster that take one sailor for each head. He doesn't tell his men this and he sacrifices 6 of his men just so he wouldn't die. The Charybdis is a giant whirlpool that swallows ships. Later in the poem he comes home to his wife but only she didn't know it was him. Odysseus was dresses as a beggar. He tests his wife to see if she had been faithful to

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