What Are The Impact Of Mass Media

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The Impact of Newspapers on Social, Political and Cultural Views
Mass media refers to different media technologies intended to reach out to a large audience through mass communication. For example, channel can reach a wide geographical area and disseminate information to millions of people at the same time. Historically, different forms of mass media include radio, television, internet, movies and different types of printed media. Mass media play the role of educating, informing and entertaining the audience. Accordingly, the contents of any media often have some impact or influence on the lives of people and societies. For many years, sociologists have studied how mass media shapes people’s beliefs, values, behavior and perceptions. I practice, mass media impacts gender socialization and social movements. For example, the news coverage on the United States-Vietnam was sparked anti-war movements across the world in 1960s. The impact of each type of mass media on the lives of people and dynamics of society differs extensively, and from one place to another. Accordingly, this essay narrows its focus on one form of printed media, newspapers, to examine how its impacts on social and political dynamics of people and society.
The first, regular newspaper started circulating 150 years after the invention of the first printing press in the middle of the 15th century. In practice, general interest newspapers contain current news

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