What Are The Importance Of Communication In Communication

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The way teachers talk and communicate with students is crucial to both learning and teaching. Probably the most important point that determines how successfully students will learn is the way instructions are formulated, explained and sometimes it is this point which distinguishes good teachers from bad ones. It is important that teacher’s instructions are clear and precise. They have to be effective also. Even if the best activity is going to be done, with bad instruction and students misunderstanding, it can become a total failure. Any failure to understand teacher’s instructions will definitely result in many unwanted behavior, for example failure to do the tasks, and because of this both students and teachers will feel frustration for any learning and teaching process. Now, I am going to present five most essential criteria when we talk about this topic:

1) Instructions must be as simple as possible. I think that the instructions must be simplified as possible. This is important in order to make it easier for the students, because not every kid is on the same language level, so teachers instructions must be understood by all. To have simple instructions, you need to give short formulations, easy to understand by every kid in class, and then you can be sure that your instruction are clear and easy to understand.

2) Teachers’ voice is very important. I think that teachers are not even conscious of what just his/her voice can bring. Calm, warm voice

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