What Are The Importance Of International Students

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International students have in recent years come to constitute a large proportion of the worldwide student body in the higher learning institutions. There is hardly any country that is unaffected by the presence of international students in its institutions of higher learning (Paige, 1990) (As cited in Lackland, 2000). As a result, this leads to my two research topics. The first one is “Do international students feel difficult to adapt into school social life with locals?” and the second one is “Are most of international students more hardworking than the local students?”. Why is it so important to study these topics about international students? One of the factors is that there are no less that 15 percent students in Temasek Polytechnic are international students and this number is still increasing as the time goes by. Hence, this increasing number of international students is the assumption that students can serve both culture carriers and as link between cultures (Eide, 1970). Another factors is that it has also be assumed that these culture links could help reduce inter-group tension and to help increase international understanding and co-operation (Amir, 1969; Baron and Bachman, 1987; Decision, 1995; Fulbright, 1976) (As cited in Lackland, 2000). Therefore, international students are one of the significant parts consists in the general students in Temasek Polytechnic. Studying the social norms about them may help to understanding them better hence maintain an
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