What Are The Importance Of Music Education

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Many schools are cutbacking on music classes, because schools had their budgets reduced. Yet, research shows that the study of music has made a huge difference in improving students’ performance and test scores. Music classes are imperative to guide students towards better learning, by developing their concentration, memory abilities, and brain development. Music education is beneficial to students’ learning throughout academic classes by using the same part of the brain when learning music. Including music into students’ lives is significant, music helps students with reading, math skills, and memorization. The article, Music and Student Development by Tony Mikela, The Children’s Music Workshop, “ Research shows that learning to read music enhance a student 's ability to perform the skills needed for learning, memory training, recall skills, concentration techniques, and speed reading.” Music had genuinely changed student’s skills academically, also helps students with their everyday life. However, many would ask how music actually helps students with performance skills in mathematics and reading. According to the article Music and the Brain by Tony Mikela, The Children’s Music Workshop, it states that data from the college, UCLA ‘s brain scan shows that music can fully involves brain functions than other activities studied. Music helps with students’ performances in and out of school, most importantly throughout students’ lives. “Students who study music tends to
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