What Are The Importance Of Sports Essay

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Athletics are crucial to a developing mind and body. Most youth would jump at the chance to exercise and socialize with their companions in a heartbeat. Quite often, extracurricular activities such as sports are viewed as more favorable than academics, however, athletics can sometimes cause distractions for students struggling to maintain steady grades. Sports practices and events can last up to several hours; time most students don’t have. Unfortunately, sports must be confiscated from failing students; they frankly cannot afford the distraction. Athletics are indeed important to physical, as well as mental development; of course, it would be wrong to take away such a critical component of physical and mental development, right? To be truthful, it depends. For example, suppose a student is passing; they’re doing well overall. Some B’s and a few A’s aren’t necessarily the end of the world. In fact, it would only hurt the student to confiscate something they love. On the other hand, there’s a student who’s struggling to get a C. They’re failing the majority of their…show more content…
(Unless you’re trying to fail) The ‘No Pass, No Play’ rule doesn’t ask much of students; it merely requests that you keep your grades above a sixty five percent. Some argue that it is unfair to apply this rule to more challenging classes, such as honors math, however, some schools even make exceptions for such courses. A class survey showed that not a single student in a class of twenty or so students showed that not a single person has ever failed a class. Why complain if the problem is so minimal? If a student is truly in need of help, and they’re actually failing, then they should receive help from a teacher, a tutor, an older sibling, or even a peer. It isn’t too much to ask to pass; you don’t even need a C; just a minimum of D-. That’s it, so is the ‘No Pass, No Play’ rule really too much of a
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