What Are The Importance Of Technology?

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Over the past few years we have witnessed an evolution in technology that changed the way we live. First of all, what is technology? And who does it target? Most people do not know what are the risk and effects of technology now a days. “Technology is a body of knowledge devoted to creating tools, processing action and extracting of materials”( Karehka Ramey,2013). These days, technology targets young generations, because they really do not know how to use it. It does affect them much more then we could imagine and has many side effects that we are unaware of. Some of the effects; such as laziness, game addiction and the most importantly minors can access explicit web site which is illegal such as pornography. Some people support technology; however, the majority thinks that innovations make us lazy and should reduce the amount of producing technology.

One reason why factories should reduce the amount of technology is because it leads to laziness. In fact, it has happened to me, I barely got off my phone even before sleeping. At the long run
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Its wrong I believe some classes or subjects use it but they can study without it. How about students in the past how did they study without technology? People can study without it and will change your life for the better.( Magen Lee, 2015) said that studying without technology has much more benefits such as increasing engagement, your brain will function more accurately, you will sleep batter and wake up earlier, you will save money and you will be more open to new opportunities. Counter claims that technology does not make us lazy, but makes life much easier. I strongly believe that it does not make our life easier but much harder by not making our health or body move more. So it really effect even our health by helping us not to move but maybe we can gain some weight and will cause much more
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