What Are The Importance Of Tourism In Kuwait Tourism Essay

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Kuwait is a land with a deep-rooted and intrinsic history that exudes the charm of Arabian adventure. It is a unique part of the world where ancient culture stands alongside modern day developments. Kuwait has undergone many exciting transformations and has turned as one of the best tourism spots for visitors. Accordingly, the tourism sector's strategy in Kuwait is seeking for beneficial developments through the promotion of authentic tradition and unique culture that contribute to turn Kuwait into a commercial and financial center globally. Therefore, boosting leisure and tourism is an important part of state’s plan for greater investment in the tourism industry.
Kuwait is cosmopolitan and contemporary country, yet it remains true to its heritage and traditions. Additionally, it is a highly urbanized state that offers a host of attractions and services to visitors. Apart from enjoying outstanding accommodation and superb dining, there are plenty of attractive spots for tourists to visit in Kuwait. This report will be identifying the three major tourist attractions in Kuwait that reflect on the overall economic growth radically and gradually. Many tourists specifically international businesspeople and investors pursue and seek in investing in these popular attraction
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Kuwait Towers comprise 2 major towers and 1 minor tower. The major largest tower houses a two-level revolving observation deck where viewing sphere, restaurant, coffee shop, souvenir shop, and reception hall exist there. Whereas, the major middle tower is used as water reservoir. While, the minor smallest tower is used as electricity control to lighten up the other towers. In Kuwait Towers, visitors can view a panoramic sight of great beach and park at the surrounding area where they can enjoy world-class hospitality serving international

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