What Are The Influence Of Online Shopping

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(Alba et al., 1997), product reviews, and abundance of product and service information (Evans and Wurster, 1999) after they know that a certain product is sold online and can be obtained online conveniently.
However, consumers will be deterred or prevented from shopping online if the knowledge about the product sold online or knowledge that it can be purchased online is not available or the information on the website is not clear and not available to be understood, or even the website itself is not available. Gehrt and Yan, 2004 is right to conclude that consumers that do not have any knowledge about online shopping will never consider this option of shopping.
Kwak et al. (2002) have conducted research to find the factors that directly or indirectly influence consumers to consider shopping online. Some of the considerations used were attitude, prior experience, demographic variables, and personality traits in order to identify the real reasons. Kwak et al. (2002) found that the consumers who frequently search product information online are more likely to shop online as they have information from many websites that they search their information from. Goldsmith and Goldsmith (2002) also found that there is a high percentage of likeliness to purchase online for online consumers who spend more of their time on the internet. They further state that consumers who have prior experience and have shopped online before will be more likely to purchase online than those who do not

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