What Are The Key Characteristics Of De Stijl

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De Stijl- The Beginning And Key Characteristics De Stijl was a Dutch movement that started in 1917 and was led by Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian. Because both of them were popular, other artists started to use similar style in their paintings and this is how it spread around quickly. “De Stijl artists applied their style to a host of media in the fine and applied arts and beyond” (The Art Story. 2014. De Stijl.). De Stijl has several key characteristics, and the name itself means ‘the style’. It came from an idea of remaking society after horrors of World War I. “Viewing art as a means of social and spiritual redemption, the members of De Stijl embraced a utopian vision of art and its transformative potential.” (The Art Story. 2014. De Stijl.).…show more content…
Also the colours used were the primary colours- blue, red and yellow- and are seen in most if not all of work from De Stijl movement. Although it may seem to be very strange approach to design, it worked well creating many iconic pieces of art, architecture and furniture. It was in a way similar to Bauhaus, because in one of principles of Bauhaus was making product simple and functional, removing any unnecessary materials and shapes. To some it might be appealing and to others designs are ‘too simple and basic’, but it definitely stands

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