What Are The Key Differences Between A Working Group And A Team?

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Managing Teams – Final Exam (1) What are the key differences between a working group and a team? What enabled Greg James at Sun Microsystems to transform his working group to a team? A working group and team differ in many ways: Working Group Team A working group has a strong, clearly focused leader, who controls the group A team has shared leadership roles, where leaders act as facilitators Members of the working group discuss, decide and delegate Members of a team discuss, decide and do real work together Working group’s purpose is the same as the broad organizational mission A team has a specific purpose for its formation which the team delivers on Working group has individual work products A team has collective work products Working group measures effectiveness indirectly A team measures performance directly by assessing collective work products Working group runs efficient meetings A team encourages open discussion and active problem solving in meetings Working group members have individual accountability Team members have individual and mutual accountability Greg James transformed his working group at Sun Microsystems, Inc to a team by first assuming responsibility for the entire crisis. He reasoned that the crisis occurred not because of an individual at fault, but because of lack of team cohesiveness, due to which the team as a whole failed to deliver. He became a facilitator of coordination and collaboration, which were both critical in the flat structure,

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