Managing Teams Case Study

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Managing Teams – Final Exam
(1) What are the key differences between a working group and a team? What enabled Greg James at Sun Microsystems to transform his working group to a team?
A working group and team differ in many ways:
Working Group Team
A working group has a strong, clearly focused leader, who controls the group A team has shared leadership roles, where leaders act as facilitators
Members of the working group discuss, decide and delegate Members of a team discuss, decide and do real work together
Working group’s purpose is the same as the broad organizational mission A team has a specific purpose for its formation which the team delivers on
Working group has individual work products A team has collective work products
Working group
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The customer implementation team at Sun Microsystems is a highly diverse team comprising of 45 members from 4 countries. Since there are a few homogeneous subgroups that are able to identify themselves based on different nationalities, this can give rise to strong fault lines. Strong fault lines can cause a dent in the social well-being of the team, which can lead to tension and can hinder the creation of trust and goodwill, and exchange of information and knowledge sharing, particularly under the pressure of task…show more content…
Describe your strategy for managing difficult people, particularly when you are trying to form teams. My strategy for managing difficult people at work, particularly when forming a team would include the following:
• Start by checking why the person in question is being difficult. It could be that the difficult person is in the wrong job for their personality, or the job requires them to be difficult, or they have not been trained or groomed well, or it could be that that is the way they are. I would also assess the group dynamics in the organization, whether there is a vacuum in leadership that has lead to the difficult person taking control and behaving that way
• Once I have identified whether it is a task conflict or a personality conflict, I would accordingly respond by being collaborating, accommodating, compromising, avoiding or competing
• I would try to make the difficult employee aware of the situation and the make him/her understand the problems they are causing and its impact. This could be done by showing them their own videotape or through a 360 degree feedback
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