What Are The Limitations Of Freedom Of Speech

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The limitations placed on freedom of speech arrive from exceptions included in the right itself. The changing ever changing dynamics and ideology of politics in India also plays a key role in the implementations of bans on various books(including self-proclaimed fictitious novels)
The paper will look to compare the difference in outlook on the subject of freedom of expression through India and the United States of America. One of the largest curtailments for the same comes through “hurt feelings” either from members or a sect of a religion affected by the same.
The freedoms provided for under the law can be broadly characterized into four categories
1) Freedom of thought- Which includes freedom to profess any religion, ideology, belief or conscience. Which also embodies the media.
2) Freedom of expression- Any expression made either through, speech, writing, audio visual trajectories to transcribe opinion and information. This includes any active rituals such as the wearing of a Hijab for example in public. It also includes the freedom of press for media or publications.
3) Freedom of association- Which includes the right to establish organisation through common interests and associate with individuals or groups for the same.
4) Freedom of Assembly- Includes the
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United States where the question was whether an activist had spoken words that possessed a clear and present danger in a speech addressed publically. The court went on to clarify the meaning of the words clear and present danger through their own interpretation. The following case helped shape the limitations to the first amendment and provided for legal scrutiny on the restriction of free speech. The amendment now included punishment for words spoken which disrupted the peace and state of security of the state. This gave the law makers subjective power over what words were potentially harmful and subject to punishment by the

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