What Are The Limitations Of Trying To Define Normal

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In Chapter 1, Allen discusses the definition of normal from several different approaches. Pick two of those approaches, explain how each approach would define normal, and then discuss the strengths and limitations of trying to define normal with those two approaches. Dictionary Definition, Pp. 4: The dictionary defines normal by similar words such as regular, average, or correct. The definition of normal is also based upon its opposing meaning of abnormal. The limitations of the dictionaries approach include no universal definition for normal, and the lack of distinction between “normal” and “abnormal,” aside from defining each by the negation of the other term. The dictionary does not give an accurate definition to the word normal, or the qualities that one must possess in order to be normal. Philosopher’s View, Pp. 4-5: The philosopher would define normal in a utilitarian standpoint, which emphasizes on the greater good for the most people. The distinction between normal and abnormal would fall under the choices one makes in life, and whether those choices have good or bad consequences. The strength that lies within this viewpoint would be the hope that all people should work to benefit the whole, and if they act as such, then they are normal. The limitations of this definition include there being no real address to…show more content…
The patient can be of greater assistance to the clinician by being honest and not withhold information, through open communication the clinician is better able to correctly diagnose. Patients should keep track of medical and psychiatric records, as well as any medication they are currently taking or has in the past. Patients should also be self-informed and proactive in understanding their symptoms and the disorder they may be diagnosed with. By having a good relationship between the patient and clinician, there is a better outcome of

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