Willy's Everyday Low Cost Strategy Case Study

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Discussion 6.1 Benefits of Willys everyday low cost strategy When employing a low cost strategy, Willys experiences several positive outcomes. To begin with, their extensive and highly valued assortment create consumer loyalty and consumer retention, which is vital in today 's intensive environment. Furthermore, the diversity amongst their products and product lines have the possibility to reach a larger segment than they currently are targeting, which might be of value since multiple large international grocery stores are attempting to make it in Sweden. Moreover, from the primary research it has been concluded that Willys has a large range of environmentally friendly organic products, and due to the all so increasing health consciousness…show more content…
Being available in the stores all over Sweden since 2009 and in the meantime be relatively unfamiliar is seen as detriment. Supporting this, no one in the group had neither noticed it nor heard of it previously. Collecting primary data in the Willys store, one could observe that not even there existed a major focus on their own private label brand. In fact, a larger part consisted of well-known national and international brands. There were only a small number of posters in the store advertising the specific brand, although nothing that would catch your attention rather effectively. One could get the impression that Willys believes the presentation of the Garant brand in the stores is fairly significant. Awareness is simply increased by placing it in the potential customers line of sight, making it easier for them to notice it. However, one could notice the brand whilst shopping in terms of product placements, as the Garant brand was mostly located right beside the other options. Therefore, a suggestion regarding encouragement to purchase this brand would involve a bonus point system for the Willys+ members. Double bonus points are thought to be prominent as one normally does receive a bonus when shopping in Willys. This would work in terms of giving the members double bonuses when purchasing anything from the Garant brand. It is believed that this would work as a

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