What Are The Metaphors In Patrick Henry's Speech

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The “Speech to the Second Virginia Convention”, was meant to persuade the American people that the British could not be reasoned with, and, therefore a war with the British was inevitable. This speech was a call to action, as Patrick Henry felt that Americans could no longer sit idly as a war began in the north. For Henry would rather have death than live without liberty. Henry spoke honestly in an attempt to gain followers that would join him in the war against Britain. In Patrick Henry’s “Speech to the Second Virginia Convention”, used figures of speech, metaphors and similes, and rhetorical questions to persuade his audience to agree with his views on the war and the conditions of America. Throughout his speech, Henry used figures of speech to engage his audience. One example of this is the phrase “Suffer not yourselves be betrayed with a kiss”, by this he meant that he hoped that his American comrades would not be fooled by the British and their false promises. These figures of speech, especially figurative language, were used to persuade the audience into turning against the British. Metaphors are another key aspect of Henry’s speech. “Our chains are forged! Clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston” is used as an extended metaphor, and the imagery of chains and slavery becomes a recurring theme throughout the…show more content…
Hence, they no longer could sit idly by watching a war begin to wage in the north. Honesty and repeated use of metaphors made the speech relatable to his audience. Metaphors related his points to real-life examples, and rhetorical questions forced listeners to rethink their previous perspectives. Figures of speech, metaphors and similes, and rhetorical questions were techniques Patrick Henry used to incite his audience into declaring war against the
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