What Are The Most Influential Leaders Of The 15th Century

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During the 15th Century, many things occurred that people are not aware of. First of all, there were many influential leaders at that time that included Christopher Columbus, The Yongle Emperor, Joan of Arc, and many more. Christopher Columbus, originally from Italy, was one of the most important people of that century. After moving to Spain and enjoying its unique culture that was heavily influenced by Rome, Columbus embarked on an expedition supported by Spain in which he found the Americas. The Yongle Emperor, Zhu Di, was the leader of the Chinese, he was a mediocre leader that helped enlarge the Grand Canal, build cities, and led attacks against the Mongols who were threatening the Northwestern flank. Joan of Arc was a young girl from Medieval France that managed to convince the prince of that time to guide a French army to victory against the city of Orléans .…show more content…
Now that you have learned more about the leaders during the 15th century, let’s talk about the cultures. There were many different types of cultures in Europe during the 15th century, but one country stood out to me more. The Renaissance period began at the end of the 14th century and the beginning of the 15th century. It mainly started in the country of Italy (which is what I will be talking about). During this period of time, Italy became more advanced in the arts, science, and mathematics. The women of the families began to have more freedom, of course they still remained caretakers of their daughters and sons, but they were supposed to have their own opinion to things. There was a divide between the lower class and the upper class that is even shown in the types of food that they consumed. The impecunious of Italy survived on what was eaten centuries before them such as pasta, beans, and coarse dark
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