What Are The Negative Effects Of Asian American Stereotypes

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East Asians commonly find themselves to be victims of stereotyping with negative consequences like discrimination. The racial grouping Asian American refers to 29 singular countries and cultures including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea,South Korea,Taiwan (Kim). Although each culture is distinct, most East Asians are treated similarly in the United States. The same goes for Asian Americans that are naturalised and those that were born citizens. Ironically, some speculate that is one of the ways that Asian American stereotypes are to its host’s detriment. In America, there has been a drastic uptick in Asian immigrants. In ten years from 1990, Asian naturalised citizens raised to a quarter of American immigrant population. Since then, it has still raised exponentially (Timberlake,Williams). Asian Americans have also had a drastic change in public perceptions over the years. For example, the celebrated Dr. Seuss supported Japanese American internment and created propaganda in its favor(Guo). These leads many to wonder about Asian American citizens enigmatic rise to a more respected position and what was the cost of these new stereotypes(Ocampo et. al,683). Stereotypes of East Asians, including the model minority stereotype, have a complex history and lead to negative effects both in education,socially, and in the workplace. The stereotype that affects most Asian Americans has been coined as the model minority stereotype. It is agreed that the model
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