What Are The Negative Effects Of Globalization In The 1800s

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Globalization occurred in the 1400s – 1800s was a major advancement in the human world; ideas were spread, economies grew, new lands were discovered, and new technologies arose. During these time new global networks grew through newly discovered sea trade networks. Through the exploration of these routes new lands were discovered. Countries such as Spain conquered these newly discovered lands, and Spain’s power grew. Other kingdoms and countries followed the trend of discovery, found their own new lands, and colonized them. This caused the power of these governments to grow. Newly discovered trade routes allowed trade between Europeans and Asians to cause an economic increase. Ideas were also spread along these trade routes. Military technology grew, gunpowder a technology from China was becoming a popular weapon in the European monarchies. Ideas such as the Reformation, Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment led to new inventions and ways of thinking. Faith was also spread to the new lands conquered by Europeans.…show more content…
In the new lands conquered by Europeans, many natives were dying by diseases from Europe. Many people died from wars and more advanced weapons used in them. Globalization wasn’t all bad, today we enjoy many different things as a result of the globalization. We have America, and new forms of government ruled by people and not by kings. Technologies that were invented in that time period have led to the creation of new technology today. For example, the printing press led the way for the modern day printer to be invented, and gunpowder now entertains us through
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