What Are The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Tweeting, commenting and liking are the basic fundamentals of thinking of the twentieth century. Updating one’s status, liking a comment or having a look at someone’s Facebook profile to see what they are up to, has become a daily routine in one’s life. It is even unthinkable for some people to imagine a world without tablets, iPads and smartphones. It has also become so easy to look something up on the Internet instead of going to the library, or to send someone a message that you are for instance, a little late, but on your way. There is even a chance that one might find the love of their life through various apps by contacting strangers. However, no one seems to think about the deleterious influences that social media has on people when it comes to productivity at work and school, personal relationships and privacy.
Unfortunately, something that has not been taught at school is that social media causes pupils or employees to lose productivity at work. Research by harmon.ie supports that theory: they calculated that around sixty per cent of work interruptions are due to the use of email, social networks, text, messaging or instant messaging. As the modern information technology was built to improve working efficiency, it provoked a counteraction and therefore costing businesses millions of dollars per year. To addition, students who spend an incredible amount of time on social media sites seem to have lower academic grades. Research done in America claims that students
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