What Are The Negative Effects Of Urbanization

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Urbanization refers to the process of raising population growth in cities and rural, it also includes the rise of industrialization. The government, industry and business deal in urban areas are involved.The United States and Europe had started their urbanization since the 19th century. On the other hand, by the end of 2014, 54.7% of China’s total population live in the urban areas, which is a rate that rose from 26% in 1990. They are currently experiencing a rapid increase. Yet, urbanization has many benefits. For instance, development in the good education, tourism industries, trade and commerce growth. However, there are some negative effects as well. Especially when rapid urbanization lead to many risks on health. Therefore, this essay will talk about the health damage caused by urbanization development and will evaluate how practical the solutions are.…show more content…
Since 1980, the number of people in Chinese cities has gone up from 191 million to 622 million. The number continues to increase rapidly. As certain areas used to be seen as countryside are converted into urban regions to promote growth. This is the consequence of the migration of rural workers into cities, which is a particular problem in China as the country has a situation of hukou, which is a "two-tiered population structure of rural and urban citizens". While urban hukou accumulate a number of social benefits, including access to good healthcare, despite simply moving from countryside to a city does not always change one’s classification. As a result, a huge number of these rural-to-urban migrants reach the
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