What Are The Obstacles In The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner is a novel that tells the story of a man becoming his true self and his experiences as he proceeds his journey. Amir, a man from Afghanistan who lived in the slums of his country traveled throughout the globe in search of inner peace from a troublesome childhood. Guilt from various fights with Afghanistan’s superior social classes, an accessory to a crimes and the witnessing of his close friend’s violent rape while he stood stagnant; haunt Amir. Also, having an absent mother, an estranged relationship with his father and working as a servant for the upper classmen shaped Amir’s outlook on life. But within having these obstacles Amir becomes almost immediately relatable to the books wide audience because it is realistic. In addition to his personal mishaps, Amir also had to deal with the ever changing culture and society around him due the sudden government as well as political decisions being made by his country’s ruler.…show more content…
The book shows the growth of the main character thru his numerous travels and looks deeply into the connections and personal relationships Amir chose to pursue and up keep in the book. Within the text you learnt that Amir’s life is shaped by the people he chooses to interact and engage with. Some are healthy, while some are toxic because they remind him of his unfortunate past. The Kite Runner highlights the importance of your environmental circumstances and secluded relationships people truly does shape the person you become. The book also portrays themes on the importance of love, betrayal and guilt. Most of the themes tie in with one another to come to prove the same point. Relationships are due to affect someone’s virtue and disposition in their

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