What Are The Obstacles In The Odyssey Hero's Journey

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In “The Odyssey” by Homer, Odysseus faces many obstacles before returning home to Ithaca. The “Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell represents the challenges Odysseus goes through, to complete his journey. Homer’s “Odyssey” reflects Joseph Campbell's “Hero’s Journey” in the way that the Call of Adventure, Entering the Unknown , and Reward and the Journey Home.
In every Hero’s life they have at least one call to adventure. Odysseus's call to adventure was to leave Ithaca and go to fight in the Trojan War. “He saw the townlands and learned the minds of many distant man, and weathered many bitter nights and days in his deep heart at sea, while he fought only to save his life, to bring his shipmates home” (Homer pg.). This quote presented in the
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“No ship made sail the next day until some shipmate had raised a cry, 3 times, for each poor ghost unleashed by the cyclones on that field” (Homer pg.). This is showing that Odysseus and others got led into the unknown. “Unlike the Hero’s home, this outside world has its own rules, and they quickly learn to respect these rules as their endurance, strength, and meetle are tested time and time again (Camphell). This quote mentioned above from the text is saying that when leaded into the unknown things are going to happen that are unknown.
Finally at the end of The Hero’s journey there's a Reward and The journey home. “He arrives in Ithaca after an absence of twenty years” (Homer pg.). After twenty years of an absence Odysseus arrives home in Ithaca. The whole town is in shock as well as the suitors. “Success on the Hero’s quest is life changing, for them and often many others” (Camphell). After he arrives in Ithaca, Odysseus wins back his life after fighting with suitors as well as proving himself.
Throughout the past four paragraphs a brief view of The Odyssey was presented. Including a series of events that took place. The Odyssey was a very interesting story to read overall. Don’t know what to write here???

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