What Are The Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Positive and Negative of Social Media Do you know what is social media? Sosial media is a medium to socialize with each other and done online that allows humans to interact with each other without being limited space and time. Social media is a site where everyone can create personal pages, then connect with friends to share information and communicate. Characteristic feature of social media is the message conveyed not only to one person but can be many people for example messages via SMS or the internet, the message is conveyed is free. Kinds of social media; facebook, twitter,instagram, path, line, whatsapp, blog, et cetra. Sosial media has negative and positive effects. I will tell you about negative effects in next paragraf. There’s no harm in calling social media closer and far closer distanced. We are too busy building a virtual world but often ignore the real world. The intensity of chatting with the family is reduced, while hanging out with friends busy checking social networking. We can not allow it to continue because it will destroy long standing relationship in the real world. First effect can make someone be anti social and indifidualism. Cause of opiate, sosial media can also cause opium that can lead to the nature of it’s users become auitism or more close to the life around. For example when a grandfather crossed the street but we don’t care because we focus to social media on phone. When teenagers are gathering together in an event but each busy with
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