What Are The Pros And Cons Of Fracking Essay

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Fracking is a method of getting natural gas out of the ground. The way fracking is done is by drilling down into the earth vertically until getting into the layer with gas in it where there you drill horizontally. Once at the location of the rock with gas inside it from there a water mixture is directed at the porous rock to release the gas inside. The water mixture contains water, sand , and a mixture of over 700 chemicals. The mixture is injected at the rock at high pressure it fractures the rock so the gas is released. From there the gas comes back up the vertically drilled hole. Afterwards the water mixture is left underground where the gas once was. With Fracking there are many pros and cons to the process. Some of the pros are significantly…show more content…
But the health and environmental risks heavily outweigh the pros. They pump a water mixture into the wells which includes carcinogens which could seep into vital water sources also the water alone that they pump into the ground alone wastes to much and water being the most precious resource. on the planet we should conserve it and not waste it on a less valuable resource to our sustainability. There has also been evidence of it causing small earth tremors (earthquakes) which could potentially cause millions of dollars in property damage which could hurt the economy. But with that in mind i think that other methods of getting natural gas are way more detrimental to the environment than fracking so i would rather that then fracking. Also it being cheaper lower gas prices are nice. But i think the best decision would be to focus more on eco-friendly methods of energy which could be slightly less cost effective but they could better for us in the long run by protecting our water sources and environment. One of the many eco-friendly alternatives is solar energy by using solar panels to capture the sun’s energy could be very efficient. If we used land more efficiently we could easily make it
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