Standardized Testing Argumentative Essay

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As Michelle Obama once declared, “If my future was determined just by my performance on a standardized test, I wouldn’t be here. I guarantee you that.” The performance of a school’s organization is based off of the results of standardized tests taken by students (Walberg). Standardized tests are a guide to the board of education on how a school can improve its curriculum in a way that is most beneficial to students (Walberg). “The scores of standardized tests are not the same as student achievement” (Harris). In spite of the people who believe that standardized tests are a key factor to determine a student’s academic abilities, standardized tests distract students from their current studies, they are only designed for one way of learning and comprehending material, and they are biased to students. Standardized tests distract students from their current studies and take away any extra learning opportunities that they have to elaborate on a specific topic. Standardized tests take away time for students and teachers in the classroom to continue their studies or learn something with purpose…show more content…
Schools can now exempt students in each grade level from standardized tests so that teachers can expand on new and diverse topics, students will have a better chance of proving their knowledge with more class discussions, and students of all races and abilities will be able to show their understanding of the material in different forms. To conclude, standardized testing scores are never accurate and students do not take them very seriously. Standardized tests do not measure a student’s abilities, because in this new generation, students are finding more creative ways to show their understanding of a
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