What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Internet

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In the modern era, many inventions are happening in the world, due to technology. The invention of internet is one them and very big and important search. The internet is using on the big level for many websites, apps and media such as, google to search, social media, GPA, on smartphones and many more. These are using very much in the today’s world. The internet are using mostly by the new generation and mostly for fun also study. The internet is using for many other purposes. Which are bad and good. So, by the using of internet, the world and human beings are facing many problems and they would face in the future also. So, the internet has both pros and cons. Because we can get pros and cons by the matter of using. But, nowadays, this is becoming…show more content…
First of all, if we want to search about any thing then we can use the essential part of internet that is called Google or search engine. This has many websites which are active to search, which would be in millions. By searching on google, people can save there time because this has higher speed than older searching style. So, it is easy for everyone. But, student are using the internet on high level. Because, this has information in very deep. In the article written by Steve Jones, “The Internet Goes to College”. This article is about living style of pupils with technology, in their future. He is saying in the article that the internet is heavily used by college students than the ordinary people of society. This is an essential part of the life of students, which is mostly used daily. Steve says “using internet is a major component for college student” (Jones, 2002, pp.2), because, they can get more information from their instructor and other students from their class via emailing to their teachers. They can search articles from the Google and use other sources from college with the help of internet like library and other places (Jones, 2002, pg.2). They are not only use internet in the college and for college purposes, rather, college students use the Internet for also the social interaction because they do their own education. But as they use the internet to satisfy their formal sections of education, they go online to increase their social life (Jones, 2002, pp. 3). The internet is not advantageous only for students. This has many benefits for businessman, mostly for online business. The article, “Internet Findings from Australian case studies” is written by Simpson Poon and Paula M.C. Swatman. In this article, mostly about a small business which depends on technology and the internet. Any small business is feasible to for taking profit also information about company and
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