What Are The Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Drugs

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A drug is something that will cause a physiological change to your body when it is consumed. It interferes the brains and affect the way of how a body works. People believe that legal drugs are medicine that they consume when they are sick. These drugs are allowed by the doctors to prescribe to the patients to buy and consume them. Illicit drugs are known as the drugs that are illegal to make, use or sell as they are addictive. Speaking of drugs, people usually relate them to drug abuse, drug addiction and drug-related issues. People do not realize that a number of illicit drugs are actually scientifically proven to be medically useful to treat diseases. There has been numerous of debates about the legalization of drugs and there is not a solution to this issue yet. There are actually a lot of pros and cons of legalizing drugs which most of the people did not notice of.
Drugs may be advantageous in economic perspective by decreasing the government’s cost and increase the tax revenues. Based on the economy nowadays, most of the governments are struggling with the issue of low revenue yet
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When drugs are illegal, police officers tend to deal with people who owned the drug more compared to the criminals who committed other crimes. Instead, if it is legalized, they will focus more on other crimes such as personal crimes, property crimes and more. Eventually, it will provide us a better and safer country to live in. In a country that is under controlled and has good security, drugs usage would be safer among the adults. When drugs are legalized, it would have age restrictions for people to buy drugs and it is actually controlling the quality of drugs usage. Based on a study done by the Natural Society, after legalization of drugs has been done for three months by the Colorado’s voters, the Denver, one of the famous country in Colorado’s crime rate has decreased for 14.6% (Sarich,
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